Sunday, February 20, 2005

Meet us!

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Here is a family picture of us ... just to put a face to all of us!

Tammy, Kiersten (with glasses), Rebecca, and Dan

First Post!


Well here is the first post of our "official" family blog. For the next several weeks ( 5 to be exact ) it will mostly be posts about Dan and Basic Training at Ft. Sill. So having said that here goes... Thanks - Tammy

Well we had a lot of fun today (Saturday). I went to sick call for my knees but really so I wouldn't have to run. I need a break. Anyway, I get back and we are suppsed to have a wall locker inspectio. So most everyone worked on their locker until it was time for the inspection. (Now before I finish...when I clean do I do a good job? Do I fold the laundry maybe a little too good? LOL Ok on with the story...) Inspection starts... enter 8 Drill Sergeants (also referred to as DS). They , in no certain order, begin to toss everyon's wall locaker for "infractions" . My nemesis, DS O approaches my wall locker. I knew my stuff was going everywhere. He takes his finger and drags it across my little dresser in my wall locker. Even though I wiped 30 seconds before they got there, he began dumping the contents on the floor. He emptied my entir wall locaker on the floor. After our stuff was tossed, we got smoked (aka "corrective physical training")Then DS L tells us to take EVERYTHING we have down 2 flights of stairs. We get everything down there. Then they tell us we had 10 minutes to to put it all back upstairs. We did that. It was a freindly reminder of who was in charge and not to get comfortable. It was of course an exercise in teamwork, pre-planned from the beginning. Us old farts figure this out and the kids are going "wow, he's really pissed" LOL :) It was actually kind of fun chaos! I'm really frickin' tired though.

When I wake up on it will be Sunday (Feb 13th) Sundays are generally pretty nice. The DS's leave you alone. You do laundry and clean. Write letters of course and study. Our first phase test is next Saturday. It's 48 days till graduation! YEEHAW! : )

Goodnight - Dan

PS. - Sorry if I'm googy in this letter, I'm real tired! : )