Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Feb 19th : Gas Chamber & More!

Letter from Dan

(Saturday 2/19/05)

Well I had a good day today and yesterday! Yesterday was the gas chamber. It was so much worse than I thought it wold be First, they stick you in a "cold" room. This room is a test room to try out your mask and make sure it works. Before you go in you make sure you have a good seal then go in. Then while in the room you close your eyes and hold your breath and the lfit the mask off of your face for 10 secondsand then reseal it. In there, it isn't bad although you do get your first taste of the gas.

From that room, they send you into the "hot" room. They open the door and the gas just pours inas you walk through. The room si full of drill instructors. In this room if you try to bolt and leave, they will take you down with force (for the safety of everyone of course). Ok so i'm in the second group so I havent' seen anyone come out yet. Fot that i'm grateful. Then they pull 8 people forward on this white line. When they tell you to, you rip off your mask and recite the "solider's creed". So they call me up. DS D (drill sergeant) walks up and asks who it is. "Pvt Munson Drill Sergeant" to which he replies "ok". He wnts to see my reaction. " Take off your mask" Now I take a big breath and this thing off and exhale and inhale...all i can say "I am amer....." gag!!! This "CS" gas instantly knocks the crap out of you! Snot is puoring form my nose. I start to panic, i'm doubled over. I can't breathe (yes i can) I'm grabbing onto my battle buddy and look and he's no better than me! I look up with burning eyes and DS D is laughing his ass off. He keeps telling me to sound off but i jut gag on mucous.

Finally they start leading us out. We get out and it burns for 5 minutes afterward. I didn't puke!! Only a few people did. One kid from another platoon did. They got me on video so you'll see me staggering out with snot everywhere. Tammy, it beyond SUCKED!!

Today we had a 8K road march. My kees and shins hurt like a bastard but I made it. Also, today we had phase testing!! 13 tasks...very easy. I passed and we are no offically in white phase. We had squad leaders appointed and all that appointed today. The picked people that do nothing and introverts! It should prove interesting.

We start BRM (Basic RIfle Marksmanship) next week... 2 weeks with our M-16s. I'm starting to get excited about the prospect of finishing!! After white phase, we go into blue phase. Pretty much the last 2 weeks of Blue phase is nothing..just graduation preperation! Although we do have the 15K road march right before the end.

Well white phase affords more freedom and personal time. i get to call you tomorrow. We had shower drills tonight and people being loud and stupid. The Drills left at 1930 (730PM) and ever since people can't control themselves. A couple times of being smoked will settle people down. Also I'm sure that we'll go thru squad leaders like I go thru pop!



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