Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Feb 20th : PT and stupid people!

Well we had a remedial PT session last night. We exercised for an hour last night. We did pushups and variations thereof and situps as well. We ran too! So I'm sore in the chest, shoulders, knees, back and i'm sick too. I have a sore throat and am sick. Believe it or not, I'm ok. Considering all we've down this week, I'm just glad that I'm this far along. NOw we move onto M-16's, Grenades, and all of that fun stuff.

Tell MawMaw, your dad and Pat I said Happy Birthday! Sundays actually suck around here. They are very slow and boring. During the week, time goes by so fast. Sundays go on foerever.

I weighed myself again last night. I now weigh 151 lbs . Yup I've gained 12 pounds since i've been here. I am stronger. I feel stronger I don't reallly know if i look stronger, bigger or different. I'll let you be the judge of that!

I was supposed to call you tonight but some dickhead screwed us and now its tomorrow. Can you tell I'm mad? I've waited 3 three weeks to have an actual conversation with your I guess one more day won't kill me. Sorry I know i'm the time you read this it will be all over and done with.

Its 2330 (1130pm) and I can't sleep...its so darn hot in this bay. I should have lost 10 lbs just weating in bed!! I also keep dream that the DS wants us to do stuff and wake up. Not too much longer!! Me and the guy across form have last fireguard duty tonight too. that means i'm up at 0330. I don't care I'm done in 40 days!!

Tomorrow is our first day of BRM! I'm sure we'll be hiking so I'be a hurting unit. I have no idea of what we will doing. Perhaps sighting our M-16s. W have 2 weeks of this stuff. A lot of the guys are excited but I just want to finish it . I just want to pass it and move on. I know after BRM is Blue Phase.! Blue Phase is the 15K and graduation!!



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