Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Feb 23rd and 24th

We just got back from about a 3 miles march. We pretty much range walked (fast walk) back to the barracks. I was almost the last in line (we march in 2 single file lines) By the time we finished i was 14th from the front. The March was to and from the rifle range. We practiced on pop targets at 75, 150 and 300 meters. We had 40 shots. I hit 33 times out of 40 which would make me a sharpshooter if we were qualifying. We qualify next week but that is with the popup targets that change all ober the place. It was a lot more fun shooting today! Tomorrow we are dong the same thing. Next weekend (Saturday) hopefully I'll be better by then.

Sorry for the gap in the letters..I'll try not to neglect ya again!



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