Saturday, March 05, 2005

Feb. 26: a platoon story

I went to sick call today to more ibuprofen for my knees(mainly my right one). It was a slow day today. After sick call, we had combatives unil lunch. That was fun actually. First it was like a review of all the moves they've taught us. Then we formed up by platoon and had interplatoon mathes. Them we picked our campions. Out platoon won 3 matches which I believe was the best of the other 2 platoons...once again the other 2 platoons Renegades (or as we call them Renemaids) and NightRangers (or as we call them NinthGraders)will team up and gang up against us before even asking about an aliance with us.

I have to say I saw a rather amazing thing today within my platoon. We "owed" DS D 25 pushups. Also every time we fall out from formation we are required to do 15 pushups (to help the fatbodys with the PT test). Well the platoon guide (aka PG, which is one of us assigned by the DS)falls us out we drop and do our 40 and we go to get back up and one kid. McGovern*is still doing them. PG tells everyone they can't leave until everyone is done. So I go by McGovern and ask how many he has . He says 15, so I get in the pushup position along with another kid. Pretty soon, everyone is back down doing McGovern's pushups with him. It was actually kind of neat! Don't misread this though..yes that was a team moment, but they are guys here that if we just let them comingle for 10 minutes they would try to kill each other. It was still neat though.

Did I tell you that there is one person in my latoon with my same MOS? His name is Blanchard from the home of John Kerry.. has the accent and everything. He's a pretty cool guy. We're definitely more of a team, maybe even family. We're here .. we have to do this together whether we like each other or not.

Hae I told you I weih 150 lbs now. I have gained 12 pounds since first arriving. All the skinny guys are gaining...and the fatbodies are losing weight. I'm not worried about the PT test anymore. We will have quite a few in our platoon fail it. I'm guessing mainly the un will fail most people. We have up to 7 to 10 No Go's (failures). As long as I pass, I could care less.

I'm going to have to work on stopping cursing again. I swear a lot. People have even commented on it. I'm sure it's like at the bakery.

Remember, I told you about Blanchard...well he's already got a list of bars to visit on base when we get there (Sheppard AFB). I told him that we will have to go to one and do some drinking. I'm sure after 10 weeks, one beer will knock me down.

We have 2 recycled guys in our platoon now..they are from last cycle. They didn't graduate because they failed their PT Test. Get failed by 5 pushups and the other failed his run 30 seconds. Not gonna be me!!!!

My letters are fewer now, I know, I'm sorry. I can barely stay up at night. Everyone is so tired now!!! I hate not writing you all of the time. Although it does make it easier for subject matter. The weekend, sundays especially, suck cuz we have time to think. In BCT, when you have time to think you only think of one thing....HOME!



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